Saturday, April 08, 2006

It's about time I made another post.

OK, I have not been very good about making it so, at least when it comes to regular posts. The main reason is that my adopted son, who will be two years old in June, takes up so much of my free time, that it is hard to get anything done. I am a bureucrat. One of the primary rules of bureaucrat survival is to find someone to blame who can't defend himself. Sorry about that, Adam.

My older son, Robert, has been much more diligent about posts on his blog - Blog of the Enders. He is running for State Representative for the 80th district of Indiana. Saying anything more would put me in violation of the Hatch Act, which prohibits us bureaucrats from becoming involved in partisan politics. However, I am not forbidden to make me thoughts known, especially with regard to a certain politician who is not eligible to be re-elected. So, let me say that I am in the shrinking minority of people that approve of most of what President Bush has done, although I disagree with some of what he has done. On the big things, he did not lie when he warned of Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction, and I think invading Iraq was the right thing to do. Privatization of Social Security in the only thing that will save it. The only other alternatives are decreasing benefits, raising taxes or both. That is just the way the numbers work. Medicare is a bigger problem, and making it a bigger problem yet by expanding it with prescription drug coverage was the biggest mistake of the Bush presidency. Medicare is doomed, and the aftermath is going to be very, very ugly. Again, its just the way the numbers work.