Saturday, January 01, 2005

A Disclaimer

Now that I have finally figured out how to use Ad-Sense to post ads on my blog, I noticed that the ads that Google has elected to post onto it all have a Social Security theme to them. Since the Social Security Administration is my employer and it has strict conflict of interest rules and I want to retire when I choose and not when they want to make an example of me, I feel compelled to state that I did not choose the ads that appear on this page, and their appearance there should not be interpreted as my personal endorsement of the products and services they represent. Since the ads are probably chosen according to the contents of my post and this post has already used the words "Social Security" several times, it should be easy to predict what the content of the ads are going to be until I start posting on another topic. I love technology, but the Ad-Sense technology could cost me my job if I don't make that point clear. I allowed Google to place ads there in return for getting paid if people click on those ads frequently enough.

While I am on the topics of advertising and Social Security, I should state that there are a lot of business out there that sell to people what they could get from the Social Security Administration without cost. Want an estimate of your Social Security benefits or a record of the earnings on which you have paid the Social Security taxes? You can blow your money by hiring some intermediary to get the information, after signing a release so that the Social Security Administration can send the information to the intermediary, or you can contact the Social Security Administration directly. One way is to get on their website, at Why pay for the same service twice? If you have had earnings covered by Social Security, you already paid for the service when you paid your taxes. By the way, thank you very much for paying those taxes, because my salary for the last 34 1/2 years has come from those revenues.

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