Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Second Call

We got the second call yesterday. Sandy and I are leaving for Guatemala very early Saturday morning to pick up our adopted son, Adam. We had some concern about whether the trip was going to be possible, because the airport in Guatemala City had closed because the air traffic controllers went on strike. The word on the chat lines today, however, is that the President of Guatemala followed Ronald Reagan's example and fired them and hired new air traffic controllers from neighboring countries. We don't have an appointment at the U.S. Embassy, but we should be there Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. We are going to tour for a couple of days before we get Adam. We have to pay for the trip, so we might as well take advantage. The week after we get back, I have to go to Falls Church, Virginia to be trained in electronic folders and the week after that I go to San Jose, California to pass on the training that I receive in Falls Church. I am very interested to see if the whole process will follow the law of intented consequences. A version of it says that the government has the Midas touch - everything it touches turns into a muffler.

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